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It's Time To Get To Class

If it's been a couple of years or more since your last training or it’s your first time, I highly recommend you sign up for our training program. Our training sessions are FACTORY CERTIFIED and cover both Southern Steel and Folger Adam product lines. Upon satisfactory completion of one of our training sessions, you will receive a factory certificate for you to proudly display back at home.

This is a "hands on" training program which requires you to actually work on the locks just like the ones in your facility! Upon completing this program, you will return home with new knowledge, and a new confidence to maintain your facility locking system. So, sign up soon and get ready for the most intensive training program the detention industry has to offer!

Pricing And Contact

Pricing and more information about classes can be found in our class brochure.

For more information about classes or information regarding travel and hotel accommodations,  call Matthew Knox at Western Detention. Toll Free 1-888-745-0530. Email at, Fax 1-509-292-2449.

  • Best SS & FA hands on training in the world.
  • We cover both the Folger Adam and Southern Steel  product line
  • Tools used in the class
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This is a very hands on class and we cover the following locks. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.

M5 cylinders 126M 24V
B39 cylinders 126MC 24V
EB39 cylinders 10120AE
EC39 cylinders 10120AM
110 AR cylinder 10120AMD
190 E cylinders 10120AM 24V
17 10120AMD 120V
17MO 56E
17D 56M
1017 1051E
1017A 1051M
1017M 1050SD
1017AM 1050RD
16 1058
1010 806ER
1010A 806ES
86 10120ER
1080 10120MR
1080A 10120MDR
60 126EMLL
1070 NS402E
1070A NS402M
1070AK NS402MD
30 10300M
30D 10300E
1030D 10300MD
1030 10500
1030A 10600
126E 9300

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It's important that you talk to a live person when you call, so we don't make you wade through a voice mail system. We're here 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM PST Monday through Friday. If you're trying to reach us after hours, or just prefer to use email, please drop us a line using the link below.